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Merit's Marvelous Makeover Update

With semester two now underway, so is Merit’s Marvelous Makeover at Repeat Boutique. Merit Contractors, Repeat Boutique and NGPS have partnered together for an incredible opportunity which will benefit both the community, as well as, contribute to a student’s education. Thanks to a generous educational grant provided by Merit Contractors, an innovative learning experience will have students working to enhance Repeat Boutique. The makeover will include improvements to the exterior and interior building, with paint, shelving, signage and much more, even the possibility of their very own website. This project will give students the opportunity to expand their skills while contributing to the community at the same time. Repeat Boutique is 100% volunteer run by Friends of Whitecourt. In 50 years of business Repeat Boutique has given back to the community in a number of ways, including donating over three million dollars to the Whitecourt Hospital. Hilltop is thrilled to be part in giving back to Repeat Boutique, a very deserving local business. The marvelous makeover begins now; stay tuned for more updates on this phenomenal transformation.      


NGPS Deputy Superintendent Michelle Brennick and Hilltop High School Assistant Principal Lesia Hleck.

Friends of Whitecourt and Repeat Boutique Volunteers, Carol Morley, Sylvia Brown, Lori Jones, Elaine Gunderson and Sylvia Belair.

Merit's Marvelous Makeover Update


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